8 Tips for Skiing with Kids:

  • Tip #1 Take a Lesson from the Pros
    You know how children can be about taking instruction from their own parents, right?  Well, save yourself (and the kids) unnecessary aggravation and sign them up for a lesson, or a series of lessons. Or, sign up the whole family for an adult and child private lesson.
  • Tip #2 Keep Everyone Warm
    Nothing spoils the fun like frozen fingers and toes.  Be sure to dress your children in plenty of layers.  It’s easier to cool off than to get warm. Your kids should wear wool or synthetic ski socks and properly fitting boots.  Always make sure that they have neck gaiters with them (if not on) and remember that mittens are warmer than gloves.
  • Tip #3 Keep It Fun
    Play games on the slopes, such as follow the leader (which is great for working on turns) or sing songs.  Keep it light, remember, if they like an activity, their ability will follow.
  • Tip #4 Keep it Safe
    Kids should wear helmets and always have eye protection.  It’s a good idea to have both goggles and sunglasses on hand because the conditions can change throughout the day.  Use equipment that is in excellent condition, and stay on runs that are appropriate for the least experienced skier in the group.
  • Tip #5 Don't Overdo It
    Skiing is supposed to be fun.  Don’t make it a chore. Take breakss, drink hot chocolate, rest and warm up in the lodge; for young children and beginner skiers, ease into it with a half-day (or days) of skiing.
  • Tip #6 Expect the Unexpected
    Follow the Boy Scout mantra – always be prepared.  When skiing with children, it is always a good idea to bring a small backpack with sunscreen, extra mittens, tissues, and snacks.  Big Sky Resort has day use lockers where you can leave a small bag or pack.
  • Tip #7 Mix It Up
    Take advantage of some other activities such as sledding, tubing, zip lining, dog sled tours or snowmobiles.  Adding variety to your Montana ski trip will keep things interesting and less physically strenuous.
  • Tip #8 Know When to Say When
    Be on the lookout for signs of fatigue in your little ones.  Not only are worn out kids cranky and no fun, they are also prone to falls and injuries.  Remember that it is okay to stop before the lifts do, and that you are all here to have fun!


Big Sky offers a full service daycare program at the Lone Peak Playhouse (LPP), right at the base of Big Sky Resort's slopes. Relax and enjoy the day either on the slopes or at the spa while your child plays with other children in a safe and fun environment. LPP is a center that operates in conjunction with Big Sky Resort and the Snowsports School. LPP is conveniently located in the Snowcrest Building, across the hall from the Snowsports School. Reservations Recommended: (406) 993-2220.