How To Keep Your Toes Warm This Winter

By Derek Lennon | December 19, 2016

When the temps drop below freezing, it gets harder to stay warm. Your extremities are some of the first body parts to feel the cold. Cold feet are frustrating, uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous. Frostbite is a very real threat when the temperatures start to plummet and keeping your toes warm is something that needs to be addressed ASAP.

9 Tips For Staying Warm When It’s Cold Outside

Taking care of your feet is super important. Whether you’re new to the winter environment or you’re looking for a few new tricks to help you stay warm when the temps drop, we hope the following tips will help to keep your toes warm this winter:

Focus On The Core – Wear more layers around your core upper body. When you keep your heart warm, your extremities will thank you. An extra fleece, down jacket, or hoody can do wonders for cold feet.
Use Thinner Socks - It seems logical to put more insulation around your feet, but thinner socks will keep your toes warmer. A thick sock in a tight boot can cut off circulation to your toes, making them feel colder.
Buy Big Boots – A solid pair of warm and waterproof boots designed for cold weather are the ideal footwear for cold weather.
Try Toe Warmers – Disposable toe warmers can work wonders for extended adventures in the winter environment. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Be careful that you don’t cut off circulation by cramming a toe warmer in a tight boot.
Unbuckle Your Boots - If you’re wearing tight fitting ski boots, unbuckle them before you get on a chairlift so that you can wiggle your toes and increase circulation.
Buy Wool Socks - Never wear cotton socks in the winter. Cotton absorbs sweat and water, which can freeze and cause frozen feet. Merino wool is the ideal fabric as it wicks moisture away from the skin. Plus, they don’t tend to stink.
Dry Everything! – Dry equals warm. Put your boots on the dryer between outings. Use fresh, clean, and dry socks every day. Any lingering moisture around your feet can create unhappy toes.
Invest In Footbeds Or Boot Warmers - If your toes are constantly cold, it may be a good idea to invest in a pair of footbeds or even a buy a set of battery powered boot warmers. These things are not super heaters for the feet, they just keep your toes “not cold.”
MOVE! - If you’re cold, it’s time to move. Get your big muscles moving so that blood flow increases. The more you move, the warmer you’ll feel.

With the right strategies in place, it’s relatively easy to keep your toes warm this winter. Of course, if you’re toes start to get cold, the best move is to go inside and warm up. No one wants to have permanent damage to their ten little toes because they wanted to grab one more ski run before lunch.

If you need help keeping your toes warm, stop by one of Big Sky’s outdoor retailers. They can help you get the gear you need to enjoy the winter.

Be smart and stay warm out there. Take care of your toes!

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