Winter Ziplining in Big Sky

By Blythe Beaubien        July 11th, 2014

Most of us have experienced zip lining in a warmer, more tropical climate like Costa Rica or maybe Hawaii.  But what about zip lining across the ski runs of Lone Mountain at Big Sky Resort?  It can be done!

During the winter, Big Sky Resort offers two options for zip lining, both of which can be booked through the Resort’s Basecamp office.  The Adventure Zip takes adrenaline junkies up the Explorer Lift to begin the adventure.  Or, you can ski to the first zip line, but that requires doing the entire adventure with ski boots on – not totally recommended as it is hard to navigate the snow and ice around the zip lines, and your ski boots add extra weight which will slow you down.  The Adventure Zip takes three hours, and there is a max weight requirement of 200 lbs. and a minimum of 80 lbs., so this one is not ideal for families with smaller children.  Once at the top of the Explorer Lift, let the zipping begin!  You’ll fly around the mountain on four amazing zip lines, some which span up to 1,500 ft. long and 150 feet above the ski lifts.  You’ll end the zip line adventure with a “twin zip” where you can race your fellow adventurers over the base of Big Sky’s Mountain Village. 

Alternatively, you can do the Nature Zipline, suitable for families and for beginning zippers.  Weight restrictions include a minimum of 45 lbs. and a maximum of 300 lbs.  This two hour adventure begins at Basecamp in Big Sky Resort’s Mountain Village with a 20-minute snowshoe hike up Lone Mountain.  This tour includes three zip lines that range from 300-500 feet in length, with a maximum height of 60 feet above the ski runs.  You can wave to your friends who are skiing the Huntley Hollow, Middle Road, Hangman’s and Calamity Jane ski runs as you zip across the snow covered terrain.    
What to wear? Dress as if you were going skiing, minus the helmet, that’s provided through basecamp.  Wear snow boots that can accommodate snow shoes.  Layers and a camera are strongly recommended.

Who can go?  Anyone who is up for the adventure (within the weight requirements for each). 
For more information and to book a reservation (strongly recommended), please call Basecamp at 406-995-5765 or email
Happy zipping!